Z-International, Inc. and sister company Z-LABEL Systems, Inc. have ceased operations and closed their doors. Finished goods and technical support are not available from those companies.

Transcription Label Sheets

Medical offices and transcription services needing transcription label sheets should redirect email orders and inquiries to Z-GROUP at jholmberg@zintl.com or fax to 816-326-3880.

Custom Made Labels & Forms

Businesses and government agencies looking for custom made labels and forms should contact Z-GROUP by sending an email to jholmberg@zintl.com.

Business Form & Ad Specialty Distributors

Business form and ad specialty distributors should contact STOUSE, INC. www.stouse.com, or email tmccaslin@stouse.com for more information. STOUSE has Z-LABEL custom job records, art files and tooling.

Custom Printed Note Pads & Cubes

Business form and ad specialty distributors looking for custom printed note pads and cubes should contact sperry@adcubes.com or go to www.adcubes.com.

Mass Market Retailers

Mass market retailers looking for clamshell packaged label products and SOHO labels should contact yperez@advantus.com at Advantus Corporation, Jacksonville, FL, or go to www.advantus.com.

Office Product Retailers

Office product retailers looking for clamshell packaged label products or laser/inkjet label sheets should contact MACO, a division of Chartpak. Visit www.macolabels.com, or call 888-289-6226 and ask for D. Odonnell.